Past few months in photos

Playing in the Backyard

Noah loves being outside. Yanking grass, pulling Jax’s ears and eating leaves are some of his favorites. Now that it’s a cold day and someone is napping (not me!), I am reminiscing on some of our cooler, sunny Fall days.

Baylor Homecoming

Baylor Homecoming is an annual tradition for us. We get to catch up with close friends, spend time with family and sport our green and gold. N got in the spirit, too-he even wore some vintage BU gear that Daddy wore to Homecoming (back in the day)! We had fun watching the parade and cheering at the football game.

Lake Tahoe Turned San Francisco

Our family trip to Lake Tahoe mid-August lasted two days until it became too smokey in Tahoe from surrounding forest fires. We quickly left and ended up in San Francisco. We saw a lot in that week! It was fun, and little man did great on the airplane and throughout the trip with all of our traveling. Great memories!

Past few months in photos

My latest posts have all been monthly updates of the little man, which I didn’t intend for that to be all I wrote about. Here are some pics to update everyone.

First blog post

Creative title, isn’t it? After many years of reading friends’ blogs, it is time for me to start my own. It took expecting a baby to motivate me (along with friends’ encouragement), so here I am. Of course, I couldn’t start a blog without a good name. As I was reading one morning, I was led to Psalm 81:1 … “Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob.” This blog is my little outlet in living a joyful life aloud. It will follow our growing family and my journey in being a wife, mom, wannabe chef, photographer and gardener. Hopefully, friends and family will enjoy these bits and pieces of our life together and feel a little more connected. If anything, we’ll have a way to look back on these precious moments. I’ve never been good at keeping a consistent journal, so I do appreciate your encouragement!