Noah – one month

Little man is one month old.

Noah one month DSC_0122


I love being held and rocked to sleep.
I love to eat, and I am finally sporting some serious leg rolls, arm rolls and a double chin.
I weigh a little over 10 pounds and usually sleep 3-4 hours at a time each night, although, one night I went for five hours and mommy seemed very happy!
I’ve outgrown my newborn diapers and some of my newborn clothes.
I am working on my neck muscles and am getting really good at lifting my head and holding it for a while.
My hair is starting to fall out on the top of my head; I guess that’s what happens when you get old.
I love accelerating in the car (I get that from my daddy) and really dislike red lights. I let everyone know by screaming when we stop.

First Weeks at Home

It’s a little hard to believe that almost three weeks with the little man have already gone by. The days have been filled with lots of family and friends making visits, feeding, changing diapers and sleeping. Did I mention feeding and changing diapers? We’re enjoying the days of Noah being so snuggly and sleeping through anything. Here are some photos from visitors in the hospital to the first weeks at home.

Noah’s Nursery

We had fun putting together our little man’s nursery.  The idea was to keep it clean, simple and fun. Mom and I found the crib, rocker and cubby shelves at Ikea. Jared was the master assembly man. We received so many special gifts from family and friends. Noah is one loved boy already!

Noah Aaron Edwards

I found this great book that we decided to write the name in and open as a gift at Christmas for family to find out.


Noah is a name that we both had in our Top 3 list, and it grew on each of us more and more. We love the great story of Noah, the fact that it’s easy to spell, everyone knows the name, but it’s still unique and not strange. Aaron is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name and also a good Biblical name.

In other news, we have 10 weeks or so left?!?! When did this happen? Preparations are underway (maybe we should get together a nursery), and time is flying!

Halfway there

That feels crazy to think and type out… halfway there … at the midpoint … 20 weeks (give or take) until we meet our sweet/rambunctious/busy boy. I already know he’ll be sweet, and I am pretty sure he’s rambunctious and very busy by the way he’s kicking away and moving nonstop. I started feeling little kicks at 17 weeks and really started feeling them consistently at 19 weeks- that’s when Jared could feel and see them then too. We had our 20-week detailed ultrasound last Thursday, and got some great pics of this little guy. Despite him moving, flipping and turning like a wild man, the technician lady commented on how he likes to pose for photos. Not sure what that means, but she was impressed! We counted five fingers and five toes on each hand and foot, four chambers in the heart, heard a nice strong heartbeat and just got an overall sense of peace that everything is in God’s hands. Now we just have to pick a name…

Baby Edwards is a …


We are beyond excited for this sweet baby boy coming in March 2013. I’ve had a feeling/hunch I would be a “mom of boys”, so this goes along with my theory. We went into the appointment on Friday and were told that the gender appointment was actually not then, but set for two and a half weeks from then. We were definitely a bit disappointed… a little bit of confusion/miscommunication between the office and us. I was going with it (after all, I am a “rules follower”), but Jared was not leaving there without knowing the gender. So, he worked his negotiation and sales skills, and the doctor was very sweet to say, “Well, let’s just take a look today.” It didn’t take any time at all after looking at the screen for her to say, “Oh, I know what it is!”.  I really have a hard time figuring out what parts I am looking at on these sonogram screens, but Jared saw a little something right after the doctor said that. “Is that … what I think it is…?”  And, yes, it was VERY clearly a boy. We’ve got the pictures to prove it.