Seth – seven months

Seth-man is seven months old.

Seth 7 months



I started sitting up right at seven months, and boy is that fun! …a whole new perspective on life!
I love to scoot around with a one-armed, one-legged army crawl. I spend many of my days following my big brother around the house, although, he is much faster than I am.
Still no teeth, but I am working on them.
I weighed a little over 17 pounds at seven months.
I wake up once per night for a feed, and I like to take a morning and afternoon nap. I love to suck my thumb.
I really dislike getting into the car seat.
My hair is still a sight to see! Everyone always comments on my style. It mostly sticks straight up. The front section is starting to lay flat.
I love to squeal, smile and laugh, and my smile is big and always wide open.