Seth – Five Months (and 4-month update!)

Seth is five months old. The four-month update didn’t happen (I went back to work, we moved houses and things got crazy!), so here is a combined one.Seth 5 months


I started laughing at four months; people really like when I do that!
I like to put everything in my mouth.
I weighed 14 pounds 6 oz at my four month check up and measured almost 24 inches.
I was sleeping like a champ before four months, but I have been all over the place in nighttime sleep and naps. I am working on putting myself to sleep and getting into a little routine.
At five months, I weigh a little over 15 pounds.
I now like to sit up with help and look at everything around me. It won’t be long before I am sitting up on my own!
I discovered my feet right before five months.
My hair is now really fuzzy and sticks straight up.
I went to two weeks of swim classes. That was fun and relaxing! I like to float on my back with a little help and swim under water.
My big brother is very entertaining. I am typically just staring at him wide-eyed wondering what is happening. He sings songs to me, brings me toys and diapers. He’s pretty loud, but quite fascinating.