Noah – 19 months

Well, in a quick blink of an eye it seems like this little man has become 19 months old. So much has changed since 12 months. Mainly on the mobility end … walking … and the vocabulary. I am amazed at how Noah understands what we are saying to him and how much he repeats words! I wish I had written and updated more often, but that is the nature of chasing around a toddler while being pregnant. Yes, you read that right! Noah has no idea what will hit him, but his little sibling will turn us into a family of four (plus the dog equals 5!) around early March 2015. They will be right at two years apart. I am super excited for these two to grow up playing together. Here is my best attempt at recapping the last seven months.  Pregnancy brain, for me, has taken on a whole new meaning this time around. I am not sure how I manage to get myself together each day, but by the grace of God and lots of help, we are all functioning over here! Photos are from our trip to the Zoo this past weekend.




I officially became a walker right around 13 months. I took my first couple of steps one day after my first birthday party, but decided to go back to crawling and wait a few more weeks before becoming totally mobile. No need to rush things!
I also completely weaned myself at 13 months.
I weigh 23 pounds and measure 31 inches. I’m in the lower percentiles for height and weight, and my head is in the 98th percentile, as it has been my whole life.
I am a very talkative little guy with a big vocabulary. I am learning new words every day.
My favorite things are anything with a motor: cars, trucks, boats, tractors, airplanes, trains, etc. and anything that goes “BANG!”. I love to read books and tell you what I see in them. I love being outside. I love being chased. I love sending my toys under furniture for the big people to retrieve them; it makes me laugh every time!
My latest obsessions are ice chests (opening and closing them), the mailman “mayman” and hippos (from the Zoo). The hippos kept making a stinky mess, so I call them “Stink Hippo”. The mailman opens his big truck and takes out things and then puts the things in a box … it’s amazing… all of my favorite things in one!
I am very concerned about “OWWIES”. If I get an “OWWIE”, I immediately need a kiss to make it feel better, and I am very concerned about other people’s “OWWIES”.
I like to take things apart, take the tops off of things and examine how they work. I think I am a pretty observant little guy.
I went to the beach three times in these last few months. I am fascinated by seaweed, which I call “Wee Weed”, seashells “Wocks” and water “Agua”.