Playing in the Backyard

Noah loves being outside. Yanking grass, pulling Jax’s ears and eating leaves are some of his favorites. Now that it’s a cold day and someone is napping (not me!), I am reminiscing on some of our cooler, sunny Fall days.

Noah – eight months

Little man is eight months old.

Noah 8 months




My biggest news for my readers is that I got my two bottom teeth a few weeks ago. That week was really rough! One came in on a Sunday, and the other on the following Friday. I had a nice, quiet, happy week following, and now I am working on the top teeth, which means I am up at night a lot, and my naps are short.
I have mastered sitting up on my own without any help. I haven’t figured out crawling yet, but I am getting more and more interested in stretching to reach my toys when I am on my tummy.
I weigh a little over 18 pounds.
This past month, I have really started eating solid foods instead of just playing. I love to feed myself. More and more of it is getting in my mouth, and boy, is it delicious. Mommy cooks apples on the stove with a little cinnamon and that is my absolute favorite. It’s like my very own apple pie filling, without added sugar, of course!
Other things I love to eat (with cooked apples as my number one) are: roasted sweet potato sticks, bananas, venison, chicken, butternut squash, scrambled egg yolks, asparagus, green beans.
I love to belly laugh, squeal and screech very loudly.
The funniest thing is when people and dogs sneeze. It gets me every time!
I am starting to make noises that sound like: “Da-Da”, “Hi”, “Hey”, “Yaya” …
I love to watch people’s mouths move, and I have fun mimicking others’ mouth movements.