Baylor Homecoming

Baylor Homecoming is an annual tradition for us. We get to catch up with close friends, spend time with family and sport our green and gold. N got in the spirit, too-he even wore some vintage BU gear that Daddy wore to Homecoming (back in the day)! We had fun watching the parade and cheering at the football game.

Noah – seven months

Little man is seven months old. I still am amazed at his expressive and big personality that keeps coming through. He may not be the shy little boy that I was sure we’d have.

Noah 7 months




I’m still a rolling over machine. I’m pushing up on my hands and tummy, but no big signs of crawling. Mommy says she’s OK with me not crawling yet. Something to do with “not rushing things” or “it’s better if you just stay in one place”.
I am sitting up even better now but am not totally stable.
I weigh 17 and a half pounds.
I still wake up at least once in the middle of the night for a little snack and sometimes one other time just because.
Still no teeth. I’ve had some really painful days/nights, but it’s OK, I am still a really happy li’l guy.
I am having fun playing with food. I really love green beans and asparagus. Apples, bananas, watermelon and cantaloupe are my favorite fruits.  I also love avocado, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. I’ve had fish and chicken and that was delicious!
Mommy, Gigi and I went to New Orleans in early October. It was a lot of fun. Mommy was working at a conference, so I wore out my Gigi walking all over the city. We went to the Aquarium, the French Market, Cafe Du Monde, the Insectarium and Butterfly Garden and other places. I got to live the high life and stay at a fancy hotel with fancy pillows and a fancy bed. Just call me a cultured U.S. traveler.
I love to laugh and squeal. Just in the last few weeks, I’m making lots more noises and sounds. I am a very passionate “talker”–trying to convince everyone of what I am saying, and I’m very expressive.
I love to read (and eat) my books.