Noah – five months

Little man is five months old.

Noah 5 months



I really started laughing a lot this month.  The things that get me going are: when I get bubbles on my tummy from mommy and daddy, kisses on my neck and ears, munching on my toes and when I soak mommy and daddy in the bathtub with my double leg kicks. They’re asking for it by hanging out in the “splash zone”.
I am still rolling over from my tummy to my back but haven’t quite gotten the back to tummy just yet.
The coolest thing in the world are my feet and toes, and I’ve mastered sticking them in my mouth (along with everything else) and sucking on my big toe.
I weigh almost 16 lbs.
I met my cousins Evan and Marshall for the first time. One day I’ll be able to chase after them. I can’t wait.
I’ve gone to the pool a couple of times this month, which is lots of fun.
I love my lambie lovie blanket. It helps me go to sleep.
I still have a really sweet baby mullet. It’s brown. I think it looks really good with the rest of my blonde hair, so I’ll keep it for a while longer. People pay big bucks to have “low lights”, ya know?!
This past month was off in the nighttime sleep department for me. I go to sleep at 7 p.m. and wake up to eat around 5 a.m., but I am waking up at least once, mostly two and three times each night-which I had never done before. There are some nights I am up for a couple of hours at a time. I think Mommy has been really tired this month, but I keep telling her it will get better soon. My brain is processing a lot this month!
My mouth is hurting a lot; the big people say I am teething. Not sure what that means, but I will keep you posted.
I am told that I am going on an airplane for the first time soon. I also don’t know what that means, but again, I will keep you posted.

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