Noah – three months

Little man is three months old. We have seen so many changes between two and three months. It’s been really fun to see his big smiles, giggles and little big personality. I went back to work after twelve weeks, but I am starting a reduced work hour schedule next week. I am really thankful for a little bit of flexibility so that I can be home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Noah three months


I love to talk, squeal, giggle and make “goo” noises. I’m pretty good at rolling my “r’s”; I’m working on that for when I learn Spanish.
I think I’ve given up on my thumb, and now I just want to put my entire fist in my mouth.
At 10 weeks, I decided that the swaddle I loved so dearly was not my cup of tea. I did everything I could to let mommy and daddy know, and they finally decided to quit that tight blanket stuff.
Now, I sleep on my tummy with my arms and legs free for at least ten hours each night.
I got to move into my own room and sleep in my big boy crib at 12 weeks. There’s a lot more room in there for me to move around.
I weigh almost 14.5 pounds.
My hair is getting longer, it’s blonde on top, but I am working on a baby mullet that is brown.

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