Noah – two months

Little man is two months old. The past two months have been fun/amazing/challenging (in a good way). I experienced my first Mother’s Day as a momma. What a blessing and a joy it is to be this little boy’s mommy.

Two months old


I’ve discovered that smiling really big gets a good reaction from mommy and daddy.
I love to “talk” and squeal to anyone/anything that will listen: my mommy and daddy, my toys and those colorful bugs that hang from my car seat.
I am really trying to get my thumb in my mouth, but I guess I’m not very coordinated with my arms yet. I’m gonna keep working on it.
I weighed 12 pounds 15 ounces at the doctor’s appointment today, and I measured 23.5 inches long.
I am now sleeping at least 8 hours at a time each night; on my nine week birthday,  I slept nine hours. I did go through a 7-week growth spurt and woke up a lot at night for a few days in a row.
I’m starting to enjoy the car a little bit more.
My hair is starting to grow back on the top of my head; what a relief!