Noah – one month

Little man is one month old.

Noah one month DSC_0122


I love being held and rocked to sleep.
I love to eat, and I am finally sporting some serious leg rolls, arm rolls and a double chin.
I weigh a little over 10 pounds and usually sleep 3-4 hours at a time each night, although, one night I went for five hours and mommy seemed very happy!
I’ve outgrown my newborn diapers and some of my newborn clothes.
I am working on my neck muscles and am getting really good at lifting my head and holding it for a while.
My hair is starting to fall out on the top of my head; I guess that’s what happens when you get old.
I love accelerating in the car (I get that from my daddy) and really dislike red lights. I let everyone know by screaming when we stop.

One thought on “Noah – one month

  1. Noah is the most beautiful baby boy in the world! I’m so delighted to be his Mimi. I will love, pray for, and cherish him all the days of his life.

    I love you Noah,

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