Noah Aaron Edwards

I found this great book that we decided to write the name in and open as a gift at Christmas for family to find out.


Noah is a name that we both had in our Top 3 list, and it grew on each of us more and more. We love the great story of Noah, the fact that it’s easy to spell, everyone knows the name, but it’s still unique and not strange. Aaron is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name and also a good Biblical name.

In other news, we have 10 weeks or so left?!?! When did this happen? Preparations are underway (maybe we should get together a nursery), and time is flying!

One thought on “Noah Aaron Edwards

  1. Jared and Kate, I absolutely LOVE the name Noah Aaron and it was so great to learn his name this Christmas in this very special book. I’m delighted I can pray for him by name every day now. I can’t wait to see and hold Noah and teach Him all about his wonderful Creator. I love you both so very much and can’t wait to love Noah with all my heart too. Hugs, Mom Karen

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