Halfway there

That feels crazy to think and type out… halfway there … at the midpoint … 20 weeks (give or take) until we meet our sweet/rambunctious/busy boy. I already know he’ll be sweet, and I am pretty sure he’s rambunctious and very busy by the way he’s kicking away and moving nonstop. I started feeling little kicks at 17 weeks and really started feeling them consistently at 19 weeks- that’s when Jared could feel and see them then too. We had our 20-week detailed ultrasound last Thursday, and got some great pics of this little guy. Despite him moving, flipping and turning like a wild man, the technician lady commented on how he likes to pose for photos. Not sure what that means, but she was impressed! We counted five fingers and five toes on each hand and foot, four chambers in the heart, heard a nice strong heartbeat and just got an overall sense of peace that everything is in God’s hands. Now we just have to pick a name…

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